About Us

Our Story
Createdcolors started in 1998 when owners, Greg and Grace Johnson, began selling decor out of their living room. Since then, they have pursued with great passion the design and creation of a Christmas store that would be unparalleled anywhere. After years of dedication, Createdcolors is now the premier Christmas store in Canada and one of the largest Christmas stores in the world!

Our Mission
At Createdcolors , we have one mission and that is for our customers to have the best Christmas ever full of beautiful decor! We do that by searching the world for the most beautiful products anywhere. We then employ an educated team to provide world-class customer service. Lastly, we create magical Christmas shopping experiences through unique displays that will inspire each customer to build great memories of their own and for their families.

Our Customers
Createdcolors delights in meeting the decorating needs of our customers, whether you are an individual looking to create an inviting home for the holidays, a commercial business with a large project or a professional designer serving the needs of your clients. With our large selection, we strive to have something for everyone and every budget.

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